Manage your finances without duplicate entries

Cagamee: Accounting software to manage multiple books with shared accounts and entries.

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Create multiple accounting books and share ledger accounts between them.


Record transaction entries
in shared accounts.


Entries in shared accounts are automatically reflected in both books.

Eliminate duplicate entries.

Do you track both your personal and business finances? Do you often pay for your company's expenses and record same entries twice, once for your personal book to keep track of reimbursement amounts and the other for your business book to acknowlege liability against yourself?

Cagamee can save you time by enabling to you to manage both your personal and business books and share accounts between them.

Share an account

Share transactions within same corporate group

When you have a subsidiary company, you must record transactions between the parent and subsidiary independently on their respective books. You also need to figure out why the accounts payable for the subsidiary on the parent's book and the accounts receivable for the parent on the subsidiary's book don't match.

When you use Cagamee, there is no need to record internal transactions within the corporate group independently or reconcile them as they are shared among related companies' books. Because such transactions are shared, there is no room for mistakes and the outstanding balances between the parent and subsidiary always match.

Share ledger accounts between parent and subsidiary companies on Cagamee

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